Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Whether you understand or appreciate astrology or not, this is an excellent critique of the new science fiction / political polemic, "Elysium."

Unlike many lefties I've known, I can actually sit through a propaganda piece that insults my worldview and intelligence. I can still appreciate acting and film-making even when the producer and director have goals beside creative entertainment. The best example, Avatar - nonsense to the extreme. But, I watched it. It had some merits.

I'll watch Elysium. Unlike so many on the left, I can endure a cheesy and transparent expression of the other sides views, if there's something else going on that I can enjoy. I'll watch it but I'll be rolling my eyes.


The Civility of the Righteous

This is sooo true. I can't count the number of times total strangers as well as friends have energetically insulted me just because they can't fathom the idea that others could support the virtues of limited government and maximum liberty. In the article, I particularly like the anti-tea party comment. I don't know where these people are finding this fictional nemesis. In virtually all video footage, interviews, and writings, the tea parties have shown themselves to be nothing more than citizens opposed to the massive increase of government intrusion in our lives. How progressives are able to see "racism," "fascism," and other extremist traits in a a group of mostly common folks is bizarre and tells us more about the progressives' fantasy world then any real world conditions.

I can't count the number of times I've politely listened to someone ramble insults at me that had no grounding in facts or accurate appraisal of what I believe or have said.

In the end, they're control freaks. The bottom line for most on the left is that the world must change to their model and anyone who doesn't wish to go along for the ride must be brow-beaten into submission or ostracized from public discourse.

..some dignity please.

Monday, August 12, 2013


The Cup is Half...Gone

At this point, I'm rather torn between an optimistic or pessimistic view of how events will eventually play out for The United States in the age of stealth turbulence. Most astute observers would certainly gauge the age of Obama as something far different than those of decades past. While Obama himself has been a grand catalyst to America's decline (on a variety of levels), one certainly can't give a free pass to his enablers in the Demo-comm party and other assorted "progressive" individuals and institutions.

In times past I tended to the optimistic. Idealistically, I truly believed the American character and coincidences of history made the U.S. virtually immune from the totalitarian impulse so easily sprung upon other nations. "Bouncing back" was a given. Innovation, self-reliance, and the "selfish" pursuit of happiness virtually guaranteed that a pendulum wandering too far away from individual liberty would be pulled back to saner and more prosperous designs.

This recent article isn't brilliant, scholarly, or particularly unique but pretty well summarizes "the mess we're in."

The base strengths of the American character have been ambushed on all sides by those who would feed the beast of state. In an era when the departments that run education and the country's pension system (Social Security) purchases huge rounds of hollow point bullets....something is a bit foreboding beyond mere reasonable suspicion.

Even if the citizens of America somehow sober up from their progressive binge in experimental socialism, it will take some unique and gifted leadership to put the country back on track and wean its population from the age of free stuff at another's expense.

A cold turkey libertarian approach to economics and government would do the trick over time but with close to half the population still enthralled by - or at least accepting of - a now watered down version of "hope and change," there isn't much that can really be achieved without massive protests and civil upheaval thwarting sane policy in its tracks. This, combined with the continued nonsense dispensed from most media outlets, entertainment, and, "education," and there appears to be little chance of a restoration. To the contrary, Hillary Clinton seems poised to basically give Obama a symbolic third and fourth term.

I think many are making a mistake to think that Obama and company are merely trying to gently nudge America into a Euro-style welfare statism. To me it is much clearer that he is still a community [dis]organizer fully implementing the ideals of Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven, etal. All of these so-called "pivots to the economy" have been deliberate distractions as he does what he has always intended - to bring the American system and it's role in the world crashing down with nowhere to go but pure statism. Whether it settles into something corporatist, socialist, or commie-fascist will be a moot point - it simply will become another nightmare for those who merely wish to prosper and be left alone.

The cup is now neither half full nor empty. It's been chipped away so that, in the end, all that will remain is cupped hands.

Too bad...

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Posts and Paranoia

I don't want to become paranoid and, realistically, I'm sane enough to know that there are many reasons one's blog may dissipate from common access but, over the last few days my stats show that literally no one is accessing this site (I'm only writing this in the possibility that they are and they're just not showing up on my stats).

There are always a few people who regularly check in through the week (thank you!) but now they are gone as well. I certainly doubt the coincidence that literally everyone who previously read my blog has decided to stop...at the same time.

I currently don't have time to deal with the possibilities but, for now, ...oh well. Perhaps later I can get my site up and running.

This could be no more than a technical failure of some kind but it's also not entirely unreasonable to suspect the usual suspects in the never ending game between those who hold sober views and the idealists who seek to crush all opposition.

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